This was a medium sized design where the client chose to go for the on site design as she had been so disappointed with the previous installation in terms of it’s effect and it’s reliability as it kept tripping out.

Once on site it was clear as to why with poor quality cheap DIY fittings used and junction boxes badly located that they were now covered with soil and letting in water! We see this so often now with installations done by internal electricians who have no experience of design systems outdoors. Indeed the client had had another electrician turn up to try and fix the mess left by the first one, and after one attempt and it still tripping he advised that they needed an expert to look at it.

This is where we arrived and immediately advised that she needed to start again, as we designed a system for her that worked both functionally and aesthetically.

The installation saw 20 odd lights go in as well as fresh cabling and transformers and was all achieved within 3 days of 2 men. Leaving the client really happy with the results, and able to sit back and enjoy what good garden lighting is all about without the stress of before.

“We think they’re great and really happy! Thanks very much, and to your guys as well. We keep going outside to take another look!”