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We create garden lighting design concepts that are tailored to you.

As Garden Lighting designers, we initially create a design of how best to light your garden with positions for each light, it’s spec and the reason for its choice. Backed up by a full kit list which is priced and ready to go.

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We work with you to help give you the right knowledge at the right time.
With the leaps in technology, we now do most of our consultancy design remotely from video and commentary creating a quick and efficient service, which offers greater value for money for the customer, whilst allowing us to impart our knowledge and years of experience much further afield.

Dave is a consummate professional. His advice and ability to project an idea both visually and practically and bring it to fruition is second to none. Dave is very creative and has helped us in many area externally and internally.We highly recommend to get Dave on board early in your design process as he gives you options you hadn’t even thought of.

Sarah G.

We hired Dave a few years ago to help us design our beautifully landscaped garden. We were so impressed with his innovative ideas. So when we were dead set on having a overhaul of our house, we knew there was nobody else we would turn to other than him, to help us unlock the potential of our home.
Dave was honest and open from the very first phone call. Exactly what you need when you have no clue where to start with a major redesign of your house.

Dave’s unique way of looking at maximising space and creating more, within the existing structure of the house is truly mind bending. Talking with him was like re watching a particular scene from the movie Inception. Which I found quite apt as we really are talking the stuff of dreams for us. And Dave really does deliver.
If you’re looking for someone who can unlock the potential of your home, and demonstrates a passion for their work…you cannot go wrong with this man.

Javid A.

First class job. This is the second time that we have used Hurricane . The two projects are very different but we got the same level of knowledge and expertise applied to the job in an acceptable time frame. We will definitely use him again and sing his praises to anyone that will listen . A real talent.

Les W.

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