Garden Design Consultancy

This was a great example of how the design consultancy works well remotely as the client initially paid for the remote design package. Then after receiving it he was pleased with what he saw and ordered the kit list as recommended.

The client already had the 230v structure of a poorly designed lighting system that was put in at the same time as when he landscaped, so he inquired as to whether we would come for a number of consecutive days to fit the 12v side of the installation, with us eventually recommending 3 days. The only additional things that had to be consider here for the client being travel and accommodation.

After the 3 days were done and the big switch on took place the reaction of this couple was great to see and made it all worth while. They were a delight to work for and we very much enjoyed our time in N.Ireland, the effect being one of the best yet with a garden that leant itself really well to well considered lighting.