Suburban Garden Lighting

This was a medium sized installation where the couple had had a poor performing DIY system installed by a handyman. As a result of wanting to get it right the second time they requested a site visit and design. It was clear upon first meeting they loved the idea of Garden Lighting but had been so disappointed with their existing system always tripping out in the rain and not giving as much impact as they had hoped. These are great customers for us as we take them from stress and dissatisfaction to joy and happiness as we replace there clapped out banger with a luxury smooth ride!

The installation itself saw 19 lights go into it on a 4 zone remote with an installation that took a week of two men. The hardest part of this job being getting the feed out of from the board that was located in the centre of there house. Indeed, please see the videos below for the level we will go to for a better more reliable installation.

For although I mainly concern myself with the design side of the business these days I still like to get my hands dirty from time to time, and sometimes when in the pursuit of a high quality installation there is a job that needs doing which is unusually difficult, I will do it! So with our two installers bigger than me and somewhat claustrophobic I put it upon myself to turn up and drag my body 15 meters twisting and turning in direction under the tightest crawl space humanly possible to get under. All in the pursuit of a quality install as we get the power back to the fuse board, at the other side of the house to the garden installation, on it’s own individual circuit with no visible cable. Rather than simply tapping of existing circuits like others would have done, as that for us is reserved for last resort.

The couple were very pleased with the results as we finally after a number of years disappointment for them realised there Garden Lighting vision.

“We had wanted some garden lighting for many years, had tried diy and local so called landscapers but all was unsuccessful.

David at Garden Lighting by Design was such a lucky find, he is so knowledgeable and knew how to make the best out of our garden. His products are top quality but affordable.

We are truly delighted with the effect and only wish we had found him earlier.

We are more than happy to recommend him and his organisation”